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I got featured on Google Developer Spotlight


Dmytro has over 10 years of experience as a full stack web developer. Currently, he is the Frontend Tech Lead at BeMyGuest, one of the category leaders of the largest attractions, tours, and activities content in Asia. He is a Google certified Mobile Web specialist with extensive experience in UX/UI prototyping, Laravel, and Vue.js frameworks, progressive web apps (PWA), internet marketing, and SEO.

Google Developer Spotlight

#FUNFACT: What is your favourite programming language and why?

It’ll definitely be JavaScript! Simply because you can “write once, run everywhere”.

Share with us an interesting project you have worked on and your learnings from it.

Recently at BeMyGuest, we launched a new PWA called Xplore.Scan. It is used for scanning and validating tickets at travel attractions and theme parks. Users install this app from the browser to their home screen and can use it offline.

This PWA replaced the 2 native apps for Android and iOS platforms. Now, with 1 codebase, we have less code to maintain! We’re able to deliver new features to our users much faster because new versions are distributed directly from application servers.

PWAs are not only faster and simpler to build, maintain, and distribute to the users, but they also share the same capabilities and features as native applications!

What are some important elements to consider when developing progressive web applications?

  1. How the app behaves offline Think through what assets (Javascript, CSS, images) and data need to be preloaded and made available offline, as PWA should still function without internet connection. Actions made offline should also be synchronized when users come online.

  2. Testing with different browsers Not all web features are supported across browsers. For example, PWA might require camera access to scan QR codes, but it’s unsupported in certain browsers. In such cases, implement fallbacks and provide other options for your users.

  3. Navigation between screens When users install PWA on home screens, there will be no access to the navigation bar. They won’t be able to change the page URL or use back and forward buttons. Hence, developers need to incorporate proper navigation flow into your app.

What is your advice for technology graduates entering their first job?

On top of reading technical articles and watching educational videos, you should put your skills into practice as much as possible. If you are learning new concepts by reading an article, try recreating it on your own and explore different edge cases using it.

The best way to learn new technology is to always have a go at building something by applying what you have learned.

Is there anything you’d like to share with the community?

I’d recommend working on side projects, whereby you can experiment with different technologies and solutions. By doing so, you can learn new frameworks or maybe even start a new business!

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